Nadler Vows to Fight Barr to Make Mueller Report Public

William Barr as the new Attorney General of the United States, will make the call about who gets a copy of the final report issued by special counsel Bob Mueller. But if he tries to stop Congress from using Mueller’s work for its own probes, he will have a major fight on his hands, according to House Judiciary Committee chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY).

Nadler was on Cuomo Prime Time Friday night, and made clear how serious he takes Mueller’s ongoing Russia probe, and how important it is to him that he sees Mueller’s final report.

“Democrat @RepJerryNadler says it’s important the Mueller probe sees the light of the day:
“We have to get [out] all this material… ‘Richard Nixon famously said, the American people have to know whether their President is a crook.’ That was true then, that is true now.”

“We have to get Mueller’s report out to the American people,” Nadler told host Chris Cuomo of Mueller’s impending report. “We will get that information out one way or another.”

Nadler also discussed the significance of the new information concerning Mueller’s office having evidence of Roger Stone’s communications with WikiLeaks and Russian intelligence, saying:

“I think that when you start seeing this kind of thing getting out here this is Mueller getting out stories before that report, and we’ll see more of that. But we have to see all that material”

He also revealed that he intends to have Bob Mueller testify before his powerful House committee:

“If the new attorney general refuses to get the special counsel’s report out, our committee will subpoena it….we can invite Mueller to testify, we will get it out.”

Nadler also made it clear he thinks Trump knows much more than he is letting on regarding the Russia investigation. He concluded his comments on CNN by saying:

“It’s hard to believe that the President sits on top of a pinnacle in which all the top people are conspiring with the Russians, or seeking to conspire with the Russians, almost all are indicted or convicted, for, among other things, lying about contacts with the Russians, and [Trump] knows nothing about it…it’s difficult to believe.”

There are three ways Barr can make decisions that determine the fallout from Mueller’s report:

  1. He can decide how much of the report goes to Congress and the White House, 
  2. He can attempt to thwart Congressional efforts to get to Mueller to testify, and 
  3. He can try to stop a grand jury from sending materials to Congress.

Nobody knows what Barr will do, although we do know he will be under tremendous pressure from Donald Trump and other Republicans to keep Mueller’s findings secret. But House Democrats are very determined that they will be able to see Mueller’s final report AND use his findings in their own House investigations into Donald Trump’s crimes.

Whatever Barr does, or tries to do, Congressman Nadler has made clear that he will not be successful in keeping the results of the special counsel’s investigation secret from the American people. Donald Trump’s day of reckoning is coming, and it is coming soon.

CLICK HERE to watch Nadler’s interview on CNN.