New Poll Shows Trump Getting Trounced By The 2020 Democratic Field

New polling released Saturday shows Donald Trump‘s re-election hopes are in big trouble as every declared or potential Democratic contender is winning over 50 percent of the vote in a potential matchup against him.

According to Emerson Polling, if the election were held today, the most electable Democratic candidates would be Joe Biden (+10), Beto O’Rourke (+6), Elizabeth Warren (+6), Kamala Harris(+4) and Sherrod Brown (+4).

The complete breakdown via Emerson:

Democratic primary voters support Joe Biden

In the race for the Democratic nomination, primary voters still prefer Joe Biden over the growing cast of declared Democratic candidates.

According to Emerson’s survey, Biden leads the large Democratic field by 10 percentage points with 27 percent support.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and California Sen. Kamala Harris get 17 percent and 15 support of the hypothetical vote, respectively.

The polling comes as Biden reportedly moves closer to making a decision on whether he’ll jump into the ring in 2020. Politico also reports that Sanders has recorded a video announcing his campaign.

Trump’s national emergency is unpopular

In other completely unsurprising news, the survey shows that a majority of the country does not approve of Trump‘s decision to declare a fake emergency over his border wall.

According to Emerson, 53 percent disapprove of the move while just 41 percent approve.

Trump is heading toward the 2020 campaign in a weak position after having shut down the government and now declared a fake national emergency over his border wall.

The polling indicates that a majority of the American people are ready to end this national nightmare and bring sanity back to the White House.

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