‘Unbelievable Abdication’: Rick Wilson Shames His Party For Not Stopping Trump’s Fake Emergency

Republican strategist Rick Wilson tore into his own party on Saturday morning, saying it will be an “unbelievable abdication of their responsibilities” if they support Donald Trump’s fake and unconstitutional national emergency.

Wilson predicted that Republicans, like usual, will line up to support Trump’s phony declaration, even though many of them have publicly and privately announced their opposition over the past several weeks.

“It’s one more sign that my party has devolved into media bashing and Trump worshipping and there’s nothing else there,” the GOP strategist said.


Rick Wilson said:

What we are going to see is the usual act that we see with the Republican caucus every time. There are furrowed brows, there is hand wringing. They run to their couches because it’s so shocking and appalling and they tell reporters off the record, I can’t believe they did this outrageous, egregious thing, and then they will go on the floor in fear out of a primary in 2020 and say, Mr. President, I believe he is doing this for the right reasons and the right thing. It is an unbelievable abdication of their responsibilities and it’s one more sign that my party has devolved into media bashing and Trump worshipping and there’s nothing else there. Everything we used to care about, the constitution, the deficit, the debt, security, alliances, the world, stability, moral probity – all of it’s gone except for what makes Donald happy.

Don’t count on the courts (or Republicans) to stop Trump’s abuse of power

As was the case with Donald Trump’s Muslim ban, America cannot count on the courts – especially the Supreme Court – to save us from the latest abuse of power by Trump.

Instead, it is up to Congress to stand up and block Trump’s unlawful national emergency declaration.

As Rachel Maddow noted earlier in the week, Nancy Pelosi and Democrats in the House have the power to vote to overturn Trump’s national emergency. Once the House takes up that measure, it would trigger a vote in the Republican-controlled Senate.

There are enough GOP senators on the record opposing Trump’s national emergency declaration to block it in the Senate, but the question is whether they will put their votes where their mouths are.

If the past is any indication of how Republicans will behave on this issue, none of us should hold our breath.

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