States To Sue Trump On Monday Over His ‘National Emergency’

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra said a group of other states is joining his state in suing Trump over his ‘national emergency.’

Transcript via ABC’s This Week:
RADDATZ: OK, thanks very much to both of you. And let’s bring in Xavier Becerra, California’s attorney general who is considering a challenge to the president’s national emergency in court. Mr. Attorney General, let me ask you; can you say definitely that California will be filing a lawsuit, and when that will happen?

BECERRA: Martha, definitely and imminently.

RADDATZ: And – and imminently Monday? Nothing will stop you?

BECERRA: No reason. We are prepared, we knew something like this might happen. And with our sister state partners, we are ready to go.

RADDATZ: You know, the president seems to be focusing on a wall in Texas, not California. Are you confident your state has concrete standing to challenge this? What harm is he doing to California with this declaration? Or will you join other states? How will that work?

BECERRA: We’re confident there are at least 8 billion ways that we can prove harm. And once we are all clear, all the different states are clear, what pots of money that taxpayers sent to D.C. he’s going to raid, which Congress dedicated to different types of services; whether it’s emergency response services, or whether it’s fires or mudslides in California, or maybe tornadoes and floods in other parts of the country, or whether it’s our military men and women and their families who live on military installations that might – that might have money taken away from them, or whether it’s money taken away from drug interdiction efforts in places like California, a number of states, and certainly Americans, will be harmed. And we’re all going to be prepared.


States, Civil Rights Groups, Congress, and Landowners are all suing Trump

Trump is getting hit with lawsuits from all sides. A group of states will sue Trump for taking appropriated disaster relief money away from them. Landowners along the border are going to sue Trump and prevent him from taking their land for the wall. Congress is going to sue Trump for violating the constitutional separation of powers, and civil rights groups are going to sue for disaster relief victims.

President Trump is setting himself up for a massive defeat. One of these lawsuits is going to get Trump and stop his wall emergency dead in its tracks.

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