Trump Is So Jealous Of Obama That He Made Japan Nominate Him For Nobel Peace Prize

It turns out that Japanese Prime Minister Abe didn’t just nominate Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize. The White House asked Abe to nominate the president.

Trump claimed that Abe nominated him for the Nobel Peace Prize

Here is what Trump said during his rambling Friday press conference:

In fact, I think I can say this: Prime Minister Abe of Japan gave me the most beautiful copy of a letter that he sent to the people who give out a thing called the Nobel Prize. He said, “I have nominated you…” or “Respectfully, on behalf of Japan, I am asking them to give you the Nobel Peace Prize.” I said, “Thank you.” Many other people feel that way too. I’ll probably never get it, but that’s okay.

They gave it to Obama. He didn’t even know what he got it for. He was there for about 15 seconds and he got the Nobel Prize. He said, “Oh, what did I get it for?” With me, I probably will never get it.


The real story is that the White House asked Abe to nominate Trump

According to Reuters, “Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe nominated U.S. President Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize last autumn after receiving a request from the U.S. government to do so, the Asahi newspaper reported on Sunday.”

Trump wasn’t nominated for the prize because that Japanese Prime Minister thought that he deserved it. Trump was nominated because his own administration asked the Japanese PM to nominate him.

Trump is insanely jealous of Obama

Trump couldn’t be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize on the basis of his own work. In fact, it could be argued that no president has done more to undermine peace without starting a war than Donald Trump. The president made it clear in his press conference. He wants a Nobel Peace Prize because Obama has one. Trump is jealous of Obama. It is why he tries to both demean Obama’s legacy, and take credit for Barack Obama’s accomplishments.

Trump’s Obama jealousy is petty and small that he arm-twisted Japan into nominating him for a Peace Prize that he should never be considered for.

Donald Trump is making the presidency smaller and less respected by the day.

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