Bad News Coming For Trump As He Proclaims The Mueller Investigation Illegal

A sure sign that bad news is coming for Trump is that the president is tweeting about the ‘illegality’ of the Robert Mueller investigation.

Trump tweeted:

Trump has a habit of ranting about Mueller before bad news drops

Trump is a terrible political poker player. The president has tried to deflect and preemptively negate bad news for him from Mueller since the investigation began. It is a habit, almost a nervous tic, and certainly a tell.

For example, Trump went on an extended rant in December about the Mueller investigation hours before Mueller delivered details about how Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen helped the investigation. With his own non-recused attorney general now overseeing the investigation, Trump has probably been told what is coming soon, and he is tweeting in an effort to discredit the special counsel.

Donald Trump went on a Twitter rant about Mueller on November 15, and on November 20th Trump’s lawyers announced that he had submitted his written answers to Mueller’s questions.

It looks Trump is trying to prepare his supporters because another Mueller bombshell is ready to drop.

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