Trump Endorses Jailing Mueller And FBI For Investigating Him

On Sunday, Trump tweeted a Rush Limbaugh quote that suggested all of the investigators who are investigating the president should be jailed.

Trump tweeted:

Innocent people don’t try to get the people who are investigating them thrown in prison. This should be obvious to all, but with Trump’s constant assault on law and order, it is vital to remind people that this not just abnormal presidential behavior. It is also not normal behavior from human beings who have not committed crimes.

Donald Trump doesn’t care about democracy and the rule of law

The President Of The United States does not care about the rule of law. The only thing that Trump cares about is saving his own skin. Trump’s retweets are endorsements. The president is suggesting that people should be thrown in prison for investigating him. Donald Trump thinks that he is above the law, and anyone who tries to enforce the law as it relates to his crimes should be thrown in prison.

Trump wants the FBI and Robert Mueller locked up

Like any low-level crime boss, Trump has declared war on law enforcement. There is no way that the author of this tweet is going to let Robert Mueller do his job and release his report. Trump can’t hide the truth, so he dreams of punishing anyone who seeks it. Robert Mueller is a hero for trying to uncover the facts. Trump’s authoritarian impulses are shining through. Anyone who opposes him should be locked up, and this includes war hero Robert Mueller.

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