The ACLU Dismantles Trump’s Fake Emergency Power Grab

The ACLU explained that they are suing Trump because his national emergency is fake and a pretext for banning asylum to the United States.

Trump’s illegal power grab is also about stopping immigration and asylum

ACLU Deputy Legal Director Cecilia Wang said on MSNBC:

To say that there is a necessity to use military construction funds already committed elsewhere in order to support the use of armed forces. There is no emergency there. Many of us have been talking about the fact that the president said in announcing his declaration, I did not need to do this. In addition to that, if you take a look at the text of his declaration, he talks about a quote, “Long-standing problems with families seeking asylum.” What the president is trying to do is declaring a fake emergency based on the fact along with his previous family separation and moms and dads and kids seeking asylum on the United States.

His declaration of asylum ban back in November that was joined and blocked by the court. This was part of his plan to block asylum, contrary to the will of Congress. It is a real key point here that Congress decided they wanted to spend $1.375 million on a border wall and the president said no. No, I want to spend $8 billion, I want to do it faster than Congress. This is unprecedented as an illegal power grab by the president and that’s essentially the bases for our upcoming lawsuits.


There is no basis for Trump’s ‘national emergency

There is no legal basis for this emergency. Wanting money faster than Congress is willing to provide it, is not a national emergency. Lives are not in danger. National security is not at risk. The while declaration is a scam to get the wall. Trump is violating the Constitution by using previously appropriated funds for a non-intended purpose.

The ‘national emergency’ is a power grab, and the courts must put a check on this president.

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