Congresswoman Calls Out Trump For Trying To Cash In On His Illegal ‘National Emergency’

Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) called out Trump and his kids for trying to cash in on his ‘national emergency’ declaration to get his wall.

Rep. Schakowsky said on MSNBC’s The Beat with Ari Melber, “He isn’t spending the money lawfully. This is definitely a lawless act on his part. But I think it’s a very political act. I’ve been getting e-mails from Eric Trump, from Donald Trump, and they all end with donate, donate, donate after they say how Democrats are obstructionists and you of the media are just liars. You’re lying about the real crisis at the border. But he’s gone a step too far now because he has shown his contempt for all agencies of government, and now it’s about the Constitution.”


The Trump ‘national emergency’ is about politics, power, and the Constitution

Trump believes that the president can do whatever he wants. Trump and people in his administration have the view of an unlimited and all-powerful president. The ‘national emergency’ is foremost about politics. Trump is trying to keep his political promise to his base and that is all that really matters to him. Donald Trump doesn’t care about precedent or what future president, might do, the Constitution, or checks and balances.

All Trump cares about is being able to run for reelection off of his wall.

Schakowsky was right. This is a move that from Trump’s perspective is all about politics. The fact that the president and his kids are trying to cash in speaks volume about how Donald Trump views his ‘national emergency.’

Trump is violating the Constitution, and it won’t take long for the courts to rule against his bogus ‘national emergency.’

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