Voters Are Yearning For Obama’s Character And Decency

A recently released CNN poll found that voters overwhelmingly think that Obama was a better president than Trump, and the reason why is personal character.

Voters Believe Obama Is A Better President Than Trump By Nearly 20 points

According to the CNN poll, by a margin of 56%-37% voters believe that Obama was a better president than Trump.

Here is the full CNN poll:


People overwhelmingly disapprove of how Trump handles his cabinet officials (30%/55%), his relationship with Republicans in Congress (30%-48%), and 54% of those who disapproved of Trump did so because of his personality and leadership qualities.

Donald Trump‘s biggest political weakness is that he is Donald Trump.

The Rejection Of Trump Isn’t Because Voters Would Rather Have Hillary Clinton

The same poll found that Clinton and Trump were statistically tied on the question of who would be a better president. From a policy, work ethic, and competence point of view, the answer is clearly Hillary Clinton, but the fact that voters were split on the question suggests that they did not trust Clinton‘s character and that many of them suspect that the nation would be in the same scandal-plagued predicament if she would have won.

There was something specifically missing that voters want in both Clinton and Trump, and the answer is something that pundits and political scientists often overlook.

Voters Miss Obama’s character and decency

The truth is that presidents aren’t remembered and beloved for their policies. LBJ isn’t remembered fondly for Medicare. FDR isn’t believed to be one of the best presidents of all time because of Social Security. Nobody wants to put George H.W. Bush on Mount Rushmore for the Americans With Disabilities Act. A president can change the country for generations with successful policies, but it is character that gets remembered the most.
miss Obama because he was decent. Barack Obama was a compassionate president who always had the right tone and words in times of tragedy. Obama was trustworthy. His administration wasn’t scandal-plagued. People weren’t being criminally investigated or hauled off to jail. Obama loves his country and tried to act in its best interests while representing every American, even those who didn’t vote for him.

Former President Obama tried to unite the country not divide it.

That is what the America people miss about Obama.

Voters Are Looking For A Good Person As Much As A Good President

The lesson for 2020 is that policies don’t matter as much as character, so while Democrats will haggle over Medicare for All and making college more affordable, the person who likely to lead them back to the White House will be the one who is able to show the most character and authenticity. Trump‘s policy accomplishments have been meager and will be quickly undone.

Donald Trump has inflicted long-term damage on the presidency, society, and national character that will require a special person to repair.

In 2020, voters will be looking for that person.

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