Trump’s Reelection Team Admits That Fear And Ignorance Is Their 2020 Campaign Strategy


Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign strategy is already taking shape and – like 2016 – it appears to rely exclusively on the ignorance and fear of his base voters.

According to Washington Post reporter Robert Costa, the president’s re-election team is admitting that they plan to run an emotional campaign based solely on his border wall.

“They’re saying that, once again, they want to use an emotional message,” Costa said.


In other words, Trump plans to make another play for angry white voters by scaring them into thinking immigrants are the root of their struggles.


Costa said:

They’re saying that, once again, they want to use an emotional message, an anti-establishment message. We saw that in 2016. As Sam said, we saw it in 2018. But they’re looking at the conservative voter, the Republican voter, and they know in 2018 overhauling the federal judiciary, not enough. The tax cut bill, not enough. So it’s coming back to the wall. Not talking about deregulation, coming back to the wall. Talking about the caravan. And as we saw in the state of the union, bringing up the idea of socialism. These are emotional targets for the Republicans as they look ahead.

Trump has no issues to run on

Given the fact that Donald Trump has no grasp of the complex issues that face the country, this campaign strategy is fitting.

It won’t just help him appeal to the low-information base voters that he can’t afford to lose, but it will help him stick to a message that even his low-information brain can comprehend.

While Democrats roll out policies and proposals that actually benefit middle and low-income workers, Trump will double down on what is essentially a one-word campaign platform: wall.

At the end of the day, even Donald Trump knows his only shot at winning reelection is to run an issue-free campaign rooted in fear, ignorance and minority resentment.

Without the help of Russia and the mismanagement of former FBI Director James Comey, it’s unclear whether it will work this time.

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