Andrew McCabe Expose GOP Cover Up For Trump In Congress

According to Andrew McCabe, Republicans in Congress who are covering for Trump‘s potential crimes did so while knowing that the FBI is investigating the president.

Andrew McCabe says House and Senate Republicans knew that Trump was under investigation

Here was the exchange McCabe and Savannah Guthrie on the Today show:

Guthrie: Did you tell them that you had opened a counterintelligence investigation into President Trump?

McCabe: The purpose of the briefing was to let our congressional leadership know exactly what we’d been doing. Opening a case of this nature, not something that an FBI director, not something an acting FBI director does by themselves. This was a recommendation from my team. I reviewed it with lawyers.

Guthrie: Did you tell Congress?

McCabe: And I told Congress what we had done.

Guthrie: Did anyone object?

McCabe: That’s the important part here. No one objected. Not on legal grounds. Not on constitutional grounds and not based on the facts.


Republicans in Congress know that Trump could be a criminal, and they don’t care

Andrew McCabe’s telling of events makes it clear that there is going to be no come to Jesus moment for Republicans in Congress where they decide to put the good of the country ahead of Trump. Senate Majority Mitch McConnell has known that Trump is under FBI investigation, yet he has refused to stand up to this president and protect the country.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) who is trying to run a cover-up and interference operation for Trump in the Senate knows what is going on, and he is still protecting Trump. House Republicans lost their majority because they spent more time covering up for Trump than governing.

Donald Trump is going down, and he is going to take the entire party down with him in 2020.

Republicans knew. They placed country last, and they will pay for being an enabler of a suspected criminal president.

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