Sen. Richard Blumenthal Blasts Trump For Unprecedented Effort To Obstruct Justice

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) who serves on the Senate Judiciary Committee said that Trump’s efforts to obstruct justice are an unprecedented pattern of corrupt intent.

Trump Might Be The Most Criminal And Corrupt President In History

Sen. Blumenthal said on MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes:

This Times report is an absolutely stunning, petrifying tableau of unrelenting effort, a brazen attempt to interfere with the rule of law, with his own law enforcement agency on a scale that is unprecedented. In fact, the effort to obstruct justice that is part of a pattern and practice indicated by corrupt intent is unprecedented and. And this new information about the attempt to persuade Matthew Whitaker to put Jeffrey Berman is putting acting United States attorney in charge of the southern district investigation is as deeply troubling as any news that we have seen. Remember Jeff Berman recused himself because he was a trump campaign contributor. He engaged in a one on one interview with Donald Trump. He was a former law partner of Rudy Giuliani. And there are solid reasons why Berman should not be in charge of this investigation and why Trump wanted him to be in charge of the investigation.


Even Richard Nixon wasn’t engaged in criminal activity and obstruction on the scale that Trump is. Donald Trump is trying to obstruct multiple investigations into his potential conspiracy with Russia, his hush money payments to mistresses, possible business crimes, misuse of charitable funds, and personal financial crimes.

The Trump Story Will Either End With Defeat Or Impeachment

There aren’t many possible political endings for Trump. Either he will lose the 2020 election, and potentially face criminal charges, or he will be impeached and potentially removed from office. Since Trump knows that the presidency is all that is saving him from an indictment, the odds of resignation are close to zero. Trump is living on borrowed time, as a president who is engaged in this level of abuse of power and criminal activity has nowhere to go, but down.

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