Even Fox News Is Now Saying That Trump Is Committing Crimes

It has become so obvious that even Trump’s favorite cable news network, Fox News is saying that he is committing crimes.

Fox News is talking about Trump committing crimes

Judge Andrew Napolitano and Shep Smith had this exchange on Fox News:

Napolitano: President Trump, if “The New York Times” is correct, wanted his ally to be in charge of both of those investigations. Matt Whitaker, to his credit, apparently did not execute that command.

Smith: But that — that phone call, you said that’s evidence of corrupt intent.

Napolitano: On the part of the president because he’s making a —

Smith: Would that be obstruction?

Napolitano: Yes. It would be attempted obstruction. It would only be obstruction if it succeeded. If you try to interfere with a criminal prosecution that may knock at your own door by putting your ally in there, that is clearly an attempt to obstruct justice.


Talk of Trump obstruction of justice is everywhere

Attempting to obstruct justice is a crime. Obstructing justice is a crime. Trump replied to The New York Times story about his ongoing and extensive campaign to attack law enforcement and obstruct justice as “fake news,” but even Fox News is talking about how Trump is engaging in criminal activity. The discussion has reached the point where it is assumed even among the president’s own defenders that he has engaged in criminal activity.

Trump watches Fox News religiously, watching Fox is the only thing that Trump does religiously, and even his favorite TV channel is talking about how he is breaking the law. The situation has gotten so bad for Trump and the Republican Party that even parts of Fox News can no longer deny the dire reality that is the future for Trump and the GOP.

Fox News can no longer save Donald Trump.

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