Trump Falsely ClaimsThe EU Never Met With Obama. (The EU Met With Obama 15 Times)

Trump uncorked another bit of anti-Obama revisionist history when he falsely claimed that the EU is meeting with him, but wouldn’t meet with Obama.

Trump new strange attack on Obama’s legacy

Donald Trump said at the White House, “We have a study that’s underway, we studied it carefully and we have seen the results. The bottom line result is whether or not we can make a deal with the E.U. We’ll lose about $151 billion trading with the E.U. This had been going on for many years. They did not meet with the Obama administration, they’re meeting with us so we’ll see what happens.”


The EU and Obama met 15 times on trade between 2013 and 2016

As Politico’s Megan Cassella tweeted:

It’s not like Trump forgot a meeting. Obama and the EU met 15 times over three years. Some of those meetings happened while Trump was running for president.

Donald Trump was simply things up to make himself look good compared to Obama.

Trump’s rampant jealousy of Obama is well documented. It was not even a week ago that Trump was complaining to the press that Obama has a Nobel Peace Prize and he doesn’t. Never has a current president been so petty and jealous of their predecessor.

Donald Trump can’t measure up to Barack Obama, so he spends his time trying to tear Obama down.

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