Trump Is Fueling Hate As Hate Groups Hit 20 Year High In US

A new report from the Southern Poverty Law Center has found that hate groups rose to a record high of 1,020 in the US, and the growth coincides with the rise of Trump to the White House.

The Rise In Hate Equals The Rise In Trump

According to the SPLC:

The number of hate groups operating across America rose to a record high – 1,020 – in 2018 as President Trump continued to fan the flames of white resentment over immigration and the country’s changing demographics.

It was the fourth straight year of hate group growth – a 30 percent increase roughly coinciding with Trump’s campaign and presidency – following three consecutive years of decline near the end of the Obama administration.

“The numbers tell a striking story – that this president is not simply a polarizing figure but a radicalizing one,” said Heidi Beirich, director of the SPLC’s Intelligence Project. “Rather than trying to tamp down hate, as presidents of both parties have done, President Trump elevates it – with both his rhetoric and his policies. In doing so, he’s given people across America the go-ahead to act on their worst instincts.”

Trump Uses Hate And Division As Political Tools


Donald Trump appears to have three political tools at his disposal. Trump relies on fear, hate, and division. The home run for this president comes when he can combine multiple tactics into one strategy. The border wall textbook Trump. Trump tried to stoke fear by playing up an imaginary crisis of criminal immigrants coming over the border. The president has demonized immigrants and made them a target for hate, and then he used his desire for a wall to divide the country.
Trump is only governing for a small base of supporters, but those people are being emboldened and radicalized by this White House and their conservative media propagandists.

President Trump has made America more dangerous for minorities, as his campaign of hate is leading America down a dark and deadly path.

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