Andrew McCabe Unloads And Blasts Trump’s Lies

Andrew McCabe responded to Trump lying about him and his removal from the FBI by calling out the lies of the President Of The United States.

Andrew McCabe Is Calling Trump A Liar

McCabe said in response to Trump on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports:

It’s not the first time, Andrea, as you know, that I’ve had to sit and listen to the president of the United States lie about me. He’s lied about my wife and then he then denies that which he did just a few days ago. It’s always a head-spinning and confounding moment when you listen to, unfortunately, the things that this president says. Once again, he’s completely wrong. I strongly disagree with his sentiments.

But I was struck by something else in this press conference yesterday. It was interesting to me as he began to speak about my departure from the bureau, my firing from government work. He talked about it in a way that seemed to really try to focus on the inspector general report as if references to the fact that I was caught, really interesting in light of the fact that we knew for quite some time, and I’ve known for quite some time, that the president was very focused on removing me long before there was an inspector general investigation, and certainly long before that report was ever finished.


Andrew McCabe Wins Any Credibility Contest With Donald Trump

Andrew McCabe is more credible than Donald Trump. McCabe has no motive lie, while Trump has every reason in the world to not tell the truth. Trump has been trying to discredit and shut down the law enforcement investigations into all aspects of his life and political career for two years. Lying about McCabe is Trump’s strategy. The president’s goal is to discredit the investigators to discredit the investigations.

No one should believe anything this president says or his judgment of the character of others.

A former top law enforcement official is essentially calling Trump a liar, and that should be enough for the country to turn off and eventually turn out to defeat this discredited president.

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