Damning Mueller Sentencing Doc Shows Trump Had A Career Criminal Running His Campaign

The Manafort sentencing document from Robert Mueller paints a picture of a career criminal that Trump picked to chair his campaign.

The Sentencing Doc Contained No Russia Bombshells But Painted a Damning Picture

Read the sentencing document:

2-23-19 US Sentencing Memo … by on Scribd


It is possible that Mueller is just keeping his powder dry and he doesn’t need to show any of his evidence of Russia collusion with this filing, but people who were breathlessly hyping this sentencing document might be a little disappointed.

Trump had a career criminal working for him because he worked for free

Donald Trump doesn’t hire the best people. He hires the cheapest, and the takeaway from this sentencing document is that the no character president hired the worst of the worst.

Robert Mueller has been a great poker player. He hasn’t tipped his hand yet, and he didn’t show his cards today.

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