The NRA Calls For Nancy Pelosi And Gabby Giffords To Be Shot

The NRA is trying to incite violence against Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and former Rep. Gabby Giffords who almost lost her life in a mass shooting.

The NRA Is Trying To Get Nancy Pelosi Shot

The NRA referred to Pelosi and Giffords as “target practice:”

There is no other way to interpret the phrase target practice. The NRA was calling for violence against the most powerful woman in the United States. The NRA is an extremist organization that blocks efforts to curb gun violence because they are not an organization that represents the interests of responsible gun owners. The NRA is the powerful gun lobbying arm of gun manufacturers.

Every position that the NRA takes is designed with the intention of boosting profit for gun makers.

Pelosi and Giffords represent a threat to their profits, which is why the NRA has taken a violent posture.

The NRA Is Under Multiple Federal Investigations For Their Connections To Russia

Both federal law enforcement and Congress are investigating the NRA for potentially accepting money from the Russians and funneling it to the campaign of Donald Trump and other Republicans. The Senate Finance Committee is investigating the NRA’s financial relationship with Russia. The FBI has been investigating the; NRA for Russian money laundering.

The NRA is trying to incite violence against Speaker Pelosi because the law is coming, they are running low on cash, and public opinion has turned against them. Like any criminal enterprise, they are getting desperate and extreme. Nancy Pelosi won’t be bullied, and she definitely won’t back down to threats from the NRA.

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