GOP Rep. Loses His Mind Defending Trump’s Fake National Emergency

The U.S. House of Representatives will vote tomorrow to block Donald Trump’s bogus national emergency declaration.

But today Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI) lost his mind on CNN trying to defend Trump’s decision to fund his much-promised yet ridiculous border wall with Mexico by declaring a national emergency.

During a tough interview with CNN’s Alisyn Camerota, Duffy tried to argue that a border wall was needed to stop the flow of deadly drugs from pouring into the United States, but Camerota shut him down by pointing out that the vast majority of drugs come into the country through legal ports of entry.

“How is a national emergency to build a couple hundred miles of fence going to solve your drug problem in Wisconsin?” she asked him.

Duffy dodged the question and said that we also need funding to better inspect trucks coming through ports of entry — but Camerota once again shot him down by telling him that Congress had given funding for such measures.

Camerota then asked him how he’d feel if a future Democratic president declared a national emergency to fight climate change and then diverted billions of dollars from the Defense Department to enact a Green New Deal.

Duffy admitted that Congress probably needed to enact some “guardrails” to the president’s authority to declare a national emergency, but only after Trump had built his border wall.

Throughout this entire interview the Republican congressman didn’t have one rational thing to say. Like other members of his party who blindly support Donald Trump, Duffy argued for a border wall but he didn’t make any sense. None of the problems they say exist will be solved by a border wall. And most of the problems they say exist are fake, and exist only in their own minds.

Donald Trump is trying to subvert the U.S. Constitution by misusing funds appropriated by Congress. Democrats in both the Senate and the House know this, and are fighting back.

Not only that, but Americans overwhelmingly disagree with Trump‘s fake national emergency, and they want him sued for his actions.

This interview points out that we have a fake president who declared a fake national emergency to deal with a fake crisis that doesn’t even exist. It’s time for Donald Trump to leave office so we can replace him with a real president who will find real solutions to the real problems facing our country.

CLICK HERE to watch the Duffy interview on CNN.


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