Trump Does Racist Impression Of Chinese While Addressing Governors


Trump put his racism on full display while addressing governors as he broke into an impression of Chinese leadership as “straight out of central casting.

Trump can’t stop doing racist impressions of Chinese people

Daniel Dale of The Toronto Star tweeted Trump doing this:


Here is the story that Trump told about China and LaVar Ball:

Trump also broke into a racist Chinese impression while announcing his “national emergency:”

Trump can’t stop himself from doing racist impressions of Chinese people, and it is harming the country.

Trump is a national embarrassment

As Trump heads to Vietnam for another dog and pony show “summit” where he will get played by the North Koreans, keep in mind that the man who will supposedly be representing the country is a national embarrassment. Donald Trump has lowered the standard for presidential behavior to embarrassing levels. The presidency, like everything else that comes into Trump’s orbit, is not being treated with dignity and respect.

The presidency is being diminished and damaged every single second that Trump occupies the Oval Office.

He is setting a bad example and endorsing racism and discrimination, and that attitude pollutes the national discourse and attitude.

One of the great challenges that the next president will face is that he or she will have to disinfect and restore the prestige and honor to the most powerful job in the world after it was dragged through the mud by Trump.

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