Democrats Move To Defund Trump’s Fake Climate Panel

Senate Democrats announced that they would be taking action to defund Trump’s fake panel on climate that he is loading with climate change deniers.

Democrats To Introduce Bill To Defund Trump’s Fake Climate Panel

During remarks on the Senate floor, Democratic Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said:

So according to reports, the White House now has plans to set up a fake panel of cherry-picked scientists who question the severity of climate change in order to “counter” the scientific consensus on this terribly urgent problem, even within the administration. This new fake panel will reportedly be set up under the National Security Council, not the EPA or NOAA or any of the federal agencies where the real climate scientists still work.

This is maybe the most conspicuous symptom of the disease of climate denialism that has infected the Republican Party and the hard right. This is beyond willful ignorance. This is the intentional, deliberate sowing of disinformation about climate science — by our own government.

This cannot stand. So this morning I’m announcing that if the Trump Administration moves forward with this fake climate panel, we will be introducing legislation to defund it. I will be doing it along with several of my colleagues.

Democrats are not going to allow Trump to use taxpayer money to push climate change denial. Trump was embarrassed when his own administration released a report on the severe threat and danger posed by climate change, and he is retaliating by trying to discredit the science.

This isn’t the first time that Trump has tried to use a bogus panel or commission to push his agenda. Who could ever forget Trump’s disastrous voter fraud committee? Democrats are going to do everything in their power to stop Trump from using the power of the presidency to wage war on science.

Trump tried to rig a panel on climate, but Democrats are fighting back.

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