Rick Wilson Lays Into The GOP For Turning Cohen Hearing Into ‘High School Drama Class’

GOP strategist Rick Wilson tore into Republicans on the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday for how they behaved during Michael Cohen‘s testimony.

In an interview with MSNBC‘s Chris Hayes, Wilson compared the band of GOP committee members – led by Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan – to immature high school students.

“They never asked a substantive question today,” the Republican said. “What you got was a lot of high school drama class overacting.”

He added, “It’s so over the top and it’s so silly.”


Wilson said:

They never asked a substantive question all day today. They never addressed anything. They avoided saying the t-word, Donald Trump, the entire time and what you got was a lot of high school drama class overacting by Jim Jordan throwing his arms around and throwing paper and Mark Meadows practically spitting he’s so angry. All of it was just contrived, phony. Like I said, it’s high school drama class. It’s so over the top and it’s so silly. And of course, they’re demeaning themselves.

The Republicans have stopped pretending they care about doing their jobs

The Republican performance on Wednesday was just the latest demonstration that the GOP no longer cares about upholding their responsibilities as members of Congress.

The party has completely given up its power and decided that it’s more important to protect the president instead of act as an independent branch of government.

That’s why, as Rick Wilson noted, they refused to ask serious questions or show a sincere interest in Cohen’s credible allegations, even when presented with damning evidence that the president committed crimes.

GOP members of the House Oversight Committee spent all day attacking Trump‘s former lawyer and playing political games to protect the president, but in doing so they showed that they are no better than the man they accused Michael Cohen of being.

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