Trump Bans Reporters From Summit Dinner After They Ask About Michael Cohen

The White House banned American reporters from a dinner at the summit with North Korea after they asked questions about Michael Cohen.

The White House banned reporters from the AP, Bloomberg, and Reuters after they asked questions during a photo-op. What seemed to drive the White House crazy was that reporters asked Trump about Michael Cohen’s testimony.

According to the press pool report as sent to PoliticusUSA, “Please note: your print pooler is the only print reporter who will be allowed into the final spray tonight with Chairman Kim. (Originally Sarah Sanders informed us that no print reporters would be allowed in due to sensitivities over shouted questions in the previous sprays. But when our photo colleagues joined us in protest, they decided to allow one print reporter in).”

Reuters reported, “At the conclusion of that “pool spray,” the AP’s Lemire asked Trump if he had a reaction to Cohen’s testimony due to take place later on Wednesday. With excerpts from Cohen’s prepared remarks having already been made public, Trump scowled and shook his head.”

The White House flipped out after Trump was asked about Cohen

We have seen this behavior before from the White House. The Trump administration used the shouting out of questions as “disrespect” when they tried to justify taking away press credentials from CNN’s Jim Acosta. What the White House was really upset about is that reporters had the nerve to ask Trump for reaction to the most important news in the United States of America.

The White House thought that they could hide Trump by sending him to Vietnam for another bogus “summit” with North Korea, but the Cohen testimony is following Trump wherever he goes, which is more proof that Trump can run, but he can’t hide from the truth.

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