Adam Schiff Sends Trump Into A Panic With One Sentence

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) sent the White House into a panic by telling reports that Michael Cohen answered all of their questions in the closed-door session.

Schiff was asked if there were any questions that Cohen refused to answer or help with.

The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee answered, “He was fully cooperative and answered all of our questions. You know, this has obviously been an excruciating time for him. We’re very grateful that he was as forthcoming as he was. We made the same admonishment that my colleague Chairman Cummings made so eloquently—he made it much more eloquently than I—that he needed to tell us the full truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. And none of the questions that we had for him went unanswered.”


Trump and the White House should be terrified

Michael Cohen appears to have gone much deeper in closed-door testimony than he was able to in the public hearing. The fact that Cohen is coming back on March 6th should worry the White House. Add in that Michael Cohen is cooperating with document requests from congressional investigators and the fear should double in the Oval Office.

Trump might be able to stall on the Mueller report, but if Congressional investigators can get access to the information and the documents that they need through witnesses like Michael Cohen it becomes impossible for the president to bury the truth.

The White House can’t stop Cohen, and they can’t stop the House investigation.

For the first time since the midterm election, the Democratic majority in the House is bearing real fruit for the nation in terms of investigation and oversight.

Adam Schiff‘s investigation is a freight train that is heading straight for Donald Trump.

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