Chris Christie Says Trump’s Got Two Big Problems After Cohen’s Testimony

Chris Christie points out why Trump has big trouble in the Southern District of New York.

Chris Christie Says Trump’s got SDNY Problems

Christie said on MSNBC’s Deadline: White House:

There’s a few things here. The southern district of New York I have been saying for months now is the more dangerous one for the president and his team because they have no restrictions on them. Mueller has a restriction, it’s Russia. Russia-related items and that’s it. The southern district has no restrictions at all, in fact. The U.S. Attorney used to call them the sovereign district all the time. They thought they could investigate anything. I always said the two problems for him there are Michael Cohen and Rick Gates. Now the southern district has two tour guides, a tour guide for the inaugural and the campaign Rick Gates. The tour guy through his business and personal life in Michael Cohen. You don’t want prosecutors having your lawyer and your former dep dan manager and executive director of your inaugural as tour guides looking for criminality. I think that’s the big problem for the president from yesterday. And I think there were other things happening that I thought were good for him yesterday. But those were the ones that if I were there, I would be saying this is the stuff we have to worry about.


Trump has already been linked to felonies

The White House is worried about Michael Cohen and the Southern District of New York for good reason. Donald Trump is not innocent. His business is not clean. Between Michael Cohen and Rick Gates prosecutors will be able to uncover Donald Trump’s trail of criminal activity. Trump has already been linked to multiple felonies by the SDNY. There is a growing possibility that he ends up connected to many more.

Michael Cohen’s testimony was a bad day for Trump because it revealed that his legal problems are just beginning and will be getting much worse.

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