Trump Overruled The CIA and Gave Jared Kushner a Security Clearance

Trump overruled US intelligence officials and made them give Jared Kushner a national security clearance.

The New York Times reported:
President Trump ordered his chief of staff to grant his son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner, a top-secret security clearance last year, overruling concerns flagged by intelligence officials and the White House’s top lawyer, four people briefed on the matter said.

Mr. Trump’s decision in May so troubled senior administration officials that at least one, the White House chief of staff at the time, John F. Kelly, wrote a contemporaneous internal memo about how he had been “ordered” to give Mr. Kushner the top-secret clearance.

The White House counsel at the time, Donald F. McGahn II, also wrote an internal memo outlining the concerns that had been raised about Mr. Kushner — including by the C.I.A. — and how Mr. McGahn had recommended that he not be given a top-secret clearance.

This is a perfect example of Trump not listening to the intelligence community and betraying America for profit. Jared Kushner is a national security risk. It is has been reported for years that Kushner is compromised by foreign governments and has been using his national security clearance to make money. Trump‘s decision to override national security and jeopardize the country is just one way that he has turned the government into a for-profit venture of the Trump family.

Democrats have already been investigating Kushner for selling out the US to Saudi Arabia. It was reported in January that Trump rammed through the security clearance that officials had deemed too risky, but now we know exactly how Trump got Kushner his clearance.

Trump has sold out America is so many ways, but when he gave his national security threat son in law a high-level security clearance, he jeopardized the country.

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