Trump Embarrasses America With N. Korea Summit Disgrace

Trump humiliated and weakened the United States with a second N. Korea summit that was even worse than his first.

Kori Schake, the Deputy Director General of the International Institute For Strategic Studies, ran through all the ways that Trump lost to N. Korea:

Quite a lot accomplished if you’re the North Koreans. You have two summits in the space of the year from the United States. You have distance between the United States and South Koreans. You have reduced military readiness of South Korean and American forces because the president canceled the exercises. You got to keep your 30-some nuclear weapons and your missiles that can hit the united you got a pass on human rights and being the largest prison camp in the world. That’s a fabulous outcome if you’re the North Koreans. I’m relieved that the president did not agree to something even worse, that he doesn’t deserve any credit for creating a circumstance where we’re grateful that the outcome isn’t worse.”


Trump continues to give up everything and get nothing from North Korea

Donald Trump doesn’t understand that not removing the sanctions isn’t a tough stance or a “win.” It should have been the default negotiating position of the country until North Korea gives up its nuclear program and improves on human rights. Not making a worse deal is the best that can be said for Trump’s two day waste of time.

The president doesn’t realize it, but just by holding these summits, he is giving Kim Jong-un what he wants. Trump has elevated Kim and the regime, and the North Koreans have given up nothing to accomplish this goal.

It is an embarrassment for the world’s only superpower to go to these summits and constantly get played and owned.
Trump weakened the United States for a cheap photo-op distraction from the Michael Cohen hearings.

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