Malcolm Nance Breaks Down Why Jared Kushner Is A National Security Risk

Malcolm Nance said that Jared Kushner raised so many red flags with intelligence officials that they did not want him to have their information.

Malcolm Nance said on MSNBC:

The risk is immense. I held a top-secret sci clearance for a quarter of a century — Plus special access clearance that he would need in order to do these jobs he’s doing, but he was flagged well before he came into the White House. You recall that there was a secret report that was issued that Jared Kushner had gone to the Russians and had asked them for secret cryptologic communications in order to have a back-channel behind NSA and CIA. That is the first thing that we would flag you for, because it means that you may be under the sway or in communications with a foreign power, against the best interest of the United States. So they flag your clearance right off the bat.

The president is the ultimate central adjudicating authority for security clearances in the white house. But he still usually goes on the recommendation of the two adjudicators who work under him, plus their supervisor. The CIA, FBI, and NSA have their own processes, in which they determine whether you can see their information or not. Jared Kushner proved himself right off the bat as a security threat. Not just because of that. His financial dealings, whatever it was, it was so bad, the U.S. Intelligence community didn’t want him to have their information.


Jared Kushner Is A National Security Risk

As Donald Trump rage tweets against the legal jeopardy that his daughter Ivanka finds herself in, what the White House is intentionally glossing over is the fact that Trump ordered a person who is a national security risk be given top secret clearance. It would be one thing if this was the first time that Trump had done this, but he did the same thing when he made Mike Flynn his National Security Adviser over the objections of e everyone with eyes and ears.

The process that Trump used to hand out national security clearances is now under investigation.

Jared Kushner should have never had a national security clearance, as Malcolm Nance pointed any damage done to this country by Kushner is on Trump’s shoulders because he is the final authority and the sole reason why Kushner has a top secret clearance.

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