Sean Hannity Just Stupidly Got Himself Subpoenaed

Sean Hannity is two things: stupid, and devoted to Donald Trump. And the combination of those two things just put the belligerent Fox News host in a position where he is almost certainly going to find himself the subject of at least one subpoena.

For example, Rep. David Cicilline (D-R.I.) said he was “looking forward” to Hannity testifying in front of congressional committees after an admission the Fox News host made during an interview with Donald Trump last night.

During the interview Trump and Hannity were discussing Michael Cohen’s illegal hush money payments to Trump’s mistresses, when Hannity said this:

“I can tell you personally, Cohen said to me at least a dozen times that he made the decision on the payments and he didn’t tell you.”

Trump agreed with Hannity that Cohen had made that decision independently.

Hannity insists Cohen “was never my attorney” – Cohen said in court Hannity was 1 of his 3 clients – then says Cohen told him he decided to make hush payments on his own.
“He said to me a dozen times he made the decision on the payments & he didn’t tell you”
“Yup,” Trump replies.”


Cicilline was quick to realize that Hannity’s confession means he’s at least a witness, and perhaps more, and that’s enough for him to be subpoenaed by Congress.

“Sean Hannity is now volunteering himself as a witness,” Cicilline, a member of the House Judiciary committee, tweeted. “I look forward to his testimony.”

That means we’re about to see the spectacle of one or more House investigative committees hauling in Sean Hannity to testify about these supposed conversations he had with Michael Cohen.

He appears to be lying to Trump, but if he testifies under oath, of course, he can’t lie. If he lies about it under oath, and it can be proven, he’ll go to prison for it.

On top of that, federal prosecutors in the New York can now subpoena Hannity and question him about the entire thing also.

Michael Cohen confirmed that Southern District of New York is criminally investigating Donald Trump for his crimes, so Hannity can be seen as a material witness in that regard. He also implied that his “other client” is also under investigation by the New York prosecutors.  It appears that Cohen may have given away during his testimony that Hannity is under SDNY investigation already. In fact, it is possible that Hannity will himself be indicted and arrested by Mueller.

Clearly Sean Hannity’s legal troubles are just beginning.