Russia Mocks Trump for Collapse of North Korea Summit

The Russian state-run television network mocked President Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un because of the sudden collapse of the talks between the two leaders this week.

“It ended so badly the sides even avoided signing any joint agreement,” one host said, according to a translation reported by CNN. “Crafty Kim Jong Un was ready for some concessions, but not the ones Trump reportedly wanted.”

Another Russia reported reportedly called the results “meager.”

“Overall very, very meager for such a pompous summit,” the reporter said, according to the CNN translation.

The Russian commentators reportedly went so far as to suggest that the United States would actually invade North Korea with military force if Kim Jong Un gave in to the demands of Western nations and surrendered his country’s arsenal of nuclear warheads and missiles.

Talks between Trump and Kim in Vietnam collapsed on Thursday as the two leaders reportedly failed to reach an agreement concerning the reduction or elimination of sanctions. Trump defended his decision to terminate the negotiations, saying “sometimes you have to walk.” North Koreans, however, said that they made the decision to end the summit, and not Trump. This makes Trump look even weaker and less in control of a volatile situation.

To make things look even worse for the U.S. president, a spokesperson for Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia is now putting together its own summit meeting with Kim Jong Un, according to CNN.

“This meeting is on the agenda,” Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov reportedly said. “We will continue to coordinate this with our North Korean counterparts through diplomatic channels.”

The conclusion we can draw from this is the Donald Trump is a horrible negotiator despite his boasts to the contrary. On top of that, everybody knows how weak and needy he is, and other countries can use that to their advantage.

With Donald Trump in charge the United States does not stand to gain anything from negotiating with the brutal dictator who runs North Korea. Instead, Trump is weakening U.S. security interests, as well as putting our regional allies Japan and South Korea at greater risk.

The entire summit disgrace was an embarrassment to America, and Donald Trump should be deeply ashamed. Russia and its president Vladimir Putin had good reason to mock our president. We would be much better off if he was not in the White House.