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House May Impeach Trump For Election Sabotage

House Judiciary Committee chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) said that Trump could be impeached for election sabotage.

Transcript via ABC’s This Week:

NADLER: No. No, no. The Republicans spent two years shielding the president from any proper accountability. And it threatened — they threatened to impeach people in Justice Department, they threatened the — the Mueller investigation. It’s our job to protect the rule of law. That’s our core function. And to do that we are going to initiate investigations into abuses of power, into corruption of — into corruption and into obstruction of justice.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Well let’s dig down to that. You said in the past that there can be crimes that are not impeachable offenses. Is a campaign finance felony, like the one outlined against President Trump, one of those?

NADLER: A violation of — seeking to — to sabotage a fair election would be an impeachable offense.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Is that what you saw?

NADLER: Well, we’ll see. I mean, that’s — that’s — we’ll see about that.

But we’re far from making decisions on that, because we have to look into — our core job is to protect the rule of law, and there have been no investigations. We’ve seen real threats to the rule of law from this White House, whether personal enrichment — the White House seems to have used its power for personal enrichment in violation of the emoluments clause of the Constitution, we’ve seen abuses of power, obstruction of justice, threats to the Mueller investigation, threats to witnesses, all of these have to be an abuse of — all of these have to be investigated and laid out to the American people.



Election Sabotage Is A Term That Could Destroy Trump

Nadler also said that Trump obstructed justice, which given Trump’s public behavior, it is common sense that Trump is obstructing justice. Rep. Nadler gave Trump reason to worry about the Mueller report with his statement that Trump could be impeached for committing election sabotage. As Nadler made clear, Democrats are a long way from impeachment, but if Robert Mueller finds that the Trump campaign tried to sabotage the election, Trump’s activities could be an impeachable offense.

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