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MSNBC’s Mika Warns Republicans About Serving as Trump’s ‘Fixer’

Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski told Donald Trump’s GOP enablers this morning that they should heed Michael Cohen’s warning about serving as “fixers” for the leader of their party.

In his congressional testimony on Wednesday, the former Trump Organization attorney warned Trump’s supporters they would end up in the same position as he was in if they continue to blindly follow the president. And Brzezinski said Republicans should believe what Cohen had to say. Otherwise, she emphasized, “this ends badly:”

“If there’s one part of Michael Cohen’s testimony that you might want to consider believing from last week, it would be if you follow Donald Trump blindly as he has, you’ll end end up where he’s going and he meant that from the bottom of his heart. There’s a long list of people already are in this situation, including him. This ends badly.”

Former Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele was also on the show and he pointed to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), who said Cohen’s evidence that Trump and his son had violated campaign finance laws with a hush money payment to a porn actress was not a big deal.

Kevin McCarthy knows and everybody else knows that these campaign violations are serious,” Steele said. “Even the ones that are accidental are serious.”

“When you have a deliberate effort to undermine the integrity of the electoral system by skirting the law, deliberately, the consequences are huge,” he added.

Steele also said that last week’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) heralded a new political party based on the idolatry of President Donald Trump:

“What’s happened, manifested at CPAC, is a new form of idolatry. Donald Trump is the Golden Calf, he is the thing that they come and bow before.”

“Conservatives offer up their future political support when they stand there for two hours and applaud the nastiness by Trump towards a hero like John McCain.”

Steele also said that while Republicans were currently riding high, they would eventually come to regret their support for Trump. For now, however, Steele appeared very dejected over the current state of his party.

“So this is the new space, this is the new party,” he said glumly, before adding:

“In terms of where we go from here, we have to look at each other, look at our neighbor, look at ourselves in the mirror and go ‘is this us?’ Are we now this America where these things are less important to us and are less regarded because we love that guy in the White House so much?”

Mika Is Right: This Ends Badly for Republican Enablers of Donald Trump

When Mika Brzezinski compared Republicans in Congress to former Trump “fixer” Michael Cohen she was absolutely right. Never in history have we seen a party so blindly follow a president that has told so many lies, undermined the constitution, filled an administration with crooks, and committed his own crimes before and during his tenure in the White House.

Not only is there the Bob Mueller investigation to worry about, but there are also the investigations being carried on in the Democratically-led House of Representatives.

No matter how you slice it, Donald Trump is going down. And for all of his enablers and supporters, it will indeed “end badly.”

CLICK HERE to watch the video on MSNBC.

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