Trump Is Losing It Because Democrats Will Investigate Him Until The 2020 Election

Trump is increasingly losing privately and on Twitter because Democrats are going to investigate him through the 2020 election.

Democrats are going to investigate Trump every day until the 2020 election

The AP’s Jonathan Lemire said on MSNBC’s Deadline: White House, “And there will be many ways they will put pressure on this white house. We saw from the president in the clip you played, relatively relaxed, downplaying it, his usual language about hoax and witch-hunt, whatever it might be. But that’s different than what we are seeing behind the scenes, to his aides and we are seeing it spill out on Twitter that he’s frustrated and aggravated and worried about where this could go. Presidential harassment has been his new catchphrase. As much as the white house staffed up and hired new lawyers, they know they might not be ready for the sheer onslaught, the sheer volume of what’s coming from the hill, from these various committees including the one led by chairman Nadler. And there’s a sense that each day will yield something new. And each day that could get a step closer to the Oval Office.

Former DNC Senior Advisor Doug Thornell added, “Hillary Clinton did a great job when she testified before Congress on Benghazi, but that investigation over the long term really did damage to her candidacy. And I think what Democrats are going to try to do here and they’re going to do it very surgically and precise is to make this go for a long time and uncover — and basically do this in front of the public, uncover what is inside of this administration, what is rotten and what is corrupt? And it’s going to go until the election, I think.”


Trump is going to be exposed

Remember how Republicans in Congress beat the drum every day with talk of Benghazi and emails? Republicans were able to damage Clinton’s candidacy with investigations that were strictly for political purposes. The difference between Clinton and Trump is that in Trump’s case there is real evidence of wrongdoing by the president. Trump has already been linked to multiple felonies in the Southern District of New York.

These investigations are going to uncover more with passing day, and they are not going to go away, and they will follow his reelection campaign like a shadow. The Democratic investigative spotlight has the power to end the presidency of Donald Trump.


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