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As His World Collapses, Trump Calls Nadler Investigation A Hoax

It was a sign of president with nowhere to hide, as all Trump could say was that the Nadler investigation is a hoax.

Trump said at the White House, “I cooperate all the time with everybody. And you know the beautiful thing? You know, it’s all a hoax. You learn about that as you grow older. It’s a political hoax.”


Trump offers zero defense

Calling the document requests which have ensnared every aspect of his life, including the president’s children, a hoax doesn’t offer up a convincing defense or a reasonable explanation. Trump only has one move that is to attack the credibility of every single investigation. It could be an effective defense if it weren’t being orchestrated by a man with less than zero credibility.

Donald Trump’s world is falling apart. Every single area of misdeed in his entire life is about to be exposed. Chairman Nadler is laying the groundwork for a potential impeachment investigation. It doesn’t matter what the Mueller report concludes, Trump’s problems are not going away. They are snowballing into a political avalanche that could bury the president and his entire party.

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