House Democrats Are Saying All The Right Things To Scare Trump To Death

Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA) said that the purpose of the Democratic investigations is to gather evidence and build a case against Donald Trump.

Democrats are gathering evidence against Trump

Rep. Connolly said on MSNBC, “I don’t know if it’s really changing minds so much as being able to build a record of evidence that is compelling and the brings along the American people. Whether that leads to impeachment or not, that has to be a process. That has to be the end result of a process, not the beginning of a process. You may go to court or look at going to court to bring a criminal to trial. You still have to build a case. You don’t just decide in advance someone is a criminal, let’s put them away. And the president is entitled to due process, a fair process, and the American people are entitled to hear all the facts. Let’s remember the Cohen hearing was the first public hearing on this set of trump controversies. The first. There are more to follow.”


The House is conducting real investigations

For nearly a decade with Republicans in charge of the House, the American people saw a body that used conspiracy theories and Fox News as a basis for hearings and investigations. It has been nearly a decade since the American people saw the House functioning as it is supposed to function. There is an investigative process that must be followed for an investigation to have credibility.

House Republicans used to level accusations based on what they believed or thought they knew.

Democrats are going to go where the evidence and facts lead them. If the evidence leads to impeachment, that is what the House will do.

If it takes years of investigation, it takes years.
Democrats are willing to follow the process and do the right thing because they want to make sure that the evidence is solid, and if they decide to impeach, it will be facts not, partisan politics that guide their decision.

This is all being done the right way, why is why every single word that House Democrats are saying should strike fear into the White House and Trump.

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