Prosecutors Have Found A Way To Legally Indict Donald Trump


Prosecutors may be able to get around not being able to indict a sitting president by indicting the entire Trump Organization as a corrupt enterprise.

Prosecutors Could Indict Trump, His Family, and His Business In One Swoop

Garrett Graff wrote in The New York Times, “Indicting the whole Trump Organization as a “corrupt enterprise” could also help prosecutors address the thorny question of whether the president can be indicted in office; they could lay out a whole pattern of criminal activity, indict numerous players — including perhaps Trump family members — and leave the president himself as a named, unindicted co-conspirator. Such an action would allow investigators to make public all the known activity for Congress and the public to consider as part of impeachment hearings or re-election. It would also activate powerful forfeiture tools for prosecutors that could allow them to seize the Trump Organization’s assets and cut off its income streams.”

If prosecutors used the RICO statutes, they could get around the notion that a sitting president can’t be indicted by indirectly indicating Trump through his business.

Trump opened this door himself


When Donald Trump refused to separate himself from his business after he won the White House, he opened this backdoor to indictment for prosecutors. Trump could have sealed himself off from any potential indictment on this front simply by doing what other conflicted presidents have done and sealed himself off from his business while serving in the White House.

Donald Trump had other ideas. Trump’s main goal has always been to use the presidency as an infomercial and income generating machine. He is in the White House to make money and boost his business. Trump has turned public service into a self-serving buffet of corruption.

By thinking only in terms of self-interest and greed, Trump has made it possible for prosecutors in the Southern District of New York to indict him and take everything that he owns while he is still in office.

The big news is that prosecutors have a way to indict Donald J. Trump.

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