Ivanka Trump Deemed A National Security Threat But Her Dad Gave Her A Clearance

Ivanka Trump raised red flags that were ignored by her father who pressured the government to give her top secret clearance.

CNN reported:

While Trump has the legal authority to grant clearances, most instances are left up to the White House personnel security office, which determines whether a staffer should be granted one after the FBI has conducted a background check. But after concerns were raised by the personnel office, Trump pushed Kelly and McGahn to make the decision on his daughter and son-in-law’s clearances so it did not appear as if he was tainting the process to favor his family, sources told CNN. After both refused, Trump granted them their security clearances.

Because they are a married couple, concerns that surfaced during one person’s security clearance investigation could stall or block both of them from receiving a full clearance. But officials had concerns about granting Trump a clearance that were separate from those raised about her husband, according to one of the sources, though it’s unclear what the concerns regarding her were. At the time, the couple told associates they believed Kelly was blocking them from getting clearances because he did not feel like they belonged in the West Wing.

Ivanka Trump is a national security risk

Ivanka Trump is a national security risk in her own right. She wasn’t tainted because of her husband’s national security. Ivanka is a national security risk all on her own. It is a pretty safe guess that the red flags raised by Ivanka were related to her own business dealings with Russia and other foreign powers. Ivanka Trump should never have a national security clearance, and now House Democrats have a whole new issue to investigate as the corrupt Trump‘s continue to jeopardize the country in the name of lining their own pockets.

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