Fox News Bans Trump Cheerleader Sheriff David Clarke For Being Too Crazy

Last updated on March 13th, 2019 at 05:24 am

Fox News has banned one of Trump‘s few supporters in the media, former Sheriff David Clarke, for being too crazy even for them.

The Daily Beast reported:

The one-time Fox News regular, who was previously considered for different senior posts in the Trump administration, was effectively “banned” last year by the network, according to two sources familiar with the situation.

The decision was more sweeping than the “soft bans” that Fox has imposed on other guests or contributors, such as former White House official Sebastian Gorka, who was barred from Fox’s “hard news” programming but regularly appeared on opinion shows like Hannity.


“His rhetoric became crazier and crazier and most shows refused to use him,” one Fox source familiar with the situation told The Daily Beast.

It might be difficult to understand for some on the left, but being dropped by Fox News is an exile to Siberia for those who make their living off of the cottage conservative celebrity industry. Regular appearances on Fox News higher status and big money for those who appear on the network. There is no better publicity for someone on the right than being seen on Fox News.

Getting cut off of Fox News because one is too crazy is quite an accomplishment in the age of Trump. Fox News has devolved from a conservative news channel to an unhinged propaganda outlet under the current president. Fox News is the guiding force of the Trump presidency. The president gets his information and agenda from Fox. The network has gotten rid of conservative critics of Trump. The tone of the network mirrors the occupant of the Oval Office.

Given all of this, somehow David Clarke was so crazy that he got himself banned from Fox News.

The man who Trump deemed a symbol of law and order is too bonkers for Fox News.

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