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Rachel Maddow Busts Trump For Felony Insurance Fraud

Rachel Maddow laid out how Trump may have committed insurance fraud and the role of the agency in New York that is investigating the potential crime.

Maddow said:

Today for the fourth time in nine days, the president’s longtime attorney Michael Cohen gave testimony to Congress. For the second time today he testifies behind closed doors to the intelligence committee in the House. That committee had only intended to speak with him once Thursday of last week, but Cohen’s lawyers say a decision was made to bring him back for a second round of testimony today. Only because Cohen brought that committee new information last week. Committee members decided they wanted to ask him more and they crucially wanted to ask him to provide any supporting documentation to show them to back up these claims.

And again we don’t know what has happened behind closed doors. But even just the stuff, the physical stuff that Cohen provided during his public testimony looks like it may be real trouble. I mean, those financial statements you just heard Cohen being questioned about, the financial statements were three years of statements of financial condition that Cohen said were submitted by the president and his business to at least one bank to try to obtain a bank loan and to insurance companies. And what Cohen described about the contents of the financial statements and what they were used for looks like a reasonably substantial investigation into felony bank fraud and insurance fraud. Cohen said the statements were inflated. That is not a wild claim.


Last week, Rachel Maddow did a detailed segment on how Trump inflated the value of his properties to banks and potentially committed felony bank fraud. She followed that segment up by showing the other side of the crime by breaking down how Trump could have committed felony insurance fraud by using the same overvaluing of assets to mislead insurance companies.

We don’t know if there is an active investigation into Donald Trump for bank fraud, but we do know that the state of New York is reviewing documents and looking at Trump for potential insurance fraud.

None of these crimes may have seen the light of day if it wasn’t for Michael Cohen testifying, and Michael Cohen wouldn’t be testifying if Democrats weren’t in control of the House.

Rachel Maddow was able to show how Trump committed insurance fraud and who the people are who are investigating him, but without a blue last November, none of this would be happening.

Your vote last November might be the reason why Trump is someday charged with felony insurance fraud.

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