Michael Cohen Provides Bombshell Evidence That Trump Edited His Trump Tower Moscow Testimony

Michael Cohen provided documents to the House Intelligence Committee that shows what he claims are edits made by Trump’s lawyers about the Trump Tower project.

NBC’s Hans Nichols reported, “Mr. Cohen provided to the committee do show edits. That would appear, and I stress appear to bolster the claims that he made last Wednesday that there were changes made to his testimony on the timing of how long the Trump Organization was in contact and interested and building some sort of projects in Moscow, in Russia. When Cohen talked about the testimony, he also mentioned Jay Sekulow as an addendum.”


This is potentially devastating evidence against Trump because if those edits were made by Trump’s lawyers in the Oval Office as Cohen claims, it means that the President Of The United States engaged in witness tampering and lying to Congress. Support for impeachment is increasing, as more Americans believe Michael Cohen than believe Donald Trump.

Michael Cohen is doing more than making claims against Trump. He is providing evidence to support those claims. Unlike previous witnesses, Trump hasn’t been able to twist Cohen’s story into a he said/he said because Michael Cohen has the one thing that Trump has never provided. He has evidence to support his claims.

Cohen is not only giving investigators leads into Trump’s criminality. He is providing evidence that could be used to impeach the president.

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