New Poll: Majority of Florida Voters Don’t Want Trump Reelected in 2020

A newly published survey of Florida voters shows that a majority of them no longer support Donald Trump, meaning his reelection in 2020 is in serious doubt.

Florida is the largest swing state, with nearly 14 million registered voters. In the 2016 election Trump won 49% of the Florida vote while Hillary Clinton won nearly 48%. This shows that his margin of error was always slim in the Sunshine State, and now it has probably disappeared entirely.

The Bendixen & Amandi International poll was released early Wednesday and it showed that just 40 percent of registered Florida voters said they think Trump should be reelected, while 53 percent do not support a second term for the controversial president.

In a very telling result, among Republicans, just 72 percent of those responding said that Trump should get another term, while 23 percent of Republicans said he should not. Democratic responses were the opposite, with 73 percent opposing a second term and 14 percent supporting one.

The most recent Florida statistics show that there are 4.7 million registered Republicans and nearly 5 million registered Democrats in the state, with nearly 4 million registering with no party affiliation.

Many independents in Florida register with a party affiliation so they can vote in the state’s closed primaries.

The new poll also shows that Trump’s approval/disapproval ratings in Florida are consistent with his national ratings. Just forty-three percent of Florida voters surveyed said they have a favorable view of the president, while 52 percent have an unfavorable view.

Donald Trump Is in Big Trouble in Florida and Other Swing States

These poll numbers are very disturbing for the Trump campaign, given Florida’s status as perhaps the most important swing state. The candidate who has won Florida has also won the presidency in the last six presidential elections.

While the Republican Party plans to celebrate a big Trump victory in 2020, the truth is that they don’t have a chance of keeping the presidency if Donald Trump is at the top of the ticket. Trump has completed his hostile takeover of the GOP, but this will not help them win elections, except in small pockets deep in Trump Country.

As Bob Mueller, the SDNY, and House Democrats continue to inflict wounds on Donald Trump every day, legally and in the media, Trump’s support — and his chances of reelection — will only go downhill from here.

Donald Trump can’t be reelected as president without winning Florida, and this new poll shows that the likelihood of that happening is very, very small.

Leo Vidal

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