Trump Blows Up And Threatens To Block All Other Networks From Presidential Debates After Democrats Ban Fox

Trump responded to his state-run TV (Fox News) being denied a Democratic primary debate by threatening to block all other news networks.

Trump tweeted:

Donald Trump thinks that he controls the general election debates

Trump can’t ban any networks from the general election debates, because he doesn’t control who can attend or cover them. The presidential debates are not White House events. Trump has no say over who gets a debate, or who covers the debates. His campaign will have to agree to the debates, but he can’t unilaterally decide who gets to host or cover a debate.

The president could threaten to not attend any non-Fox News debates, but that would kill his reelection campaign. If Trump blew off the general election debates, he would almost certainly lose in November. Trump’s tweet was nothing but bluster and nonsense, but it does lead to an important question.

Why U Mad, Trump?

Why should Donald Trump care if Fox News gets a Democratic primary debate? Trump should want Democrats not to have a debate on Fox because it is less competition on his turf.

Trump is mad because of why Democrats decided not to business with Fox News. DNC Chairman Tom Perez called out Fox for being state-run TV. Trump is angry because his favorite TV channel got called out by the Democrats for being propaganda, and not a legitimate news source.

When Democrats took power away from Fox News, they also took power away from the network’s puppet president.

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