Michael Cohen Is Suing Deadbeat Trump For Millions In Legal Bills

Michael Cohen is taking the Trump Organization to court after they agreed to pay his legal bills that they agreed to pay for.

Cohen’s lawsuit states, “The Trump Organization’s failure, without any reasonable basis, to pay Mr. Cohen’s attorneys’ fees and costs and other amounts incurred by Mr. Cohen in service to and at the behest of the organization and its principals, directors and officers, constitutes a breach of the Trump Organization’s indemnification obligations…”

NBC’s Tom Winter says that the Trump Organization agreed to pay Cohen’s legal bills, but have bailed on that agreement:

He is saying that there are bills for attorneys that I had back then and you agreed to pay those bills. You only paid half in a certain circumstance according to Cohen, and again we don’t have a response from the Trump Organization yet. They haven’t filed a response in court. This really hasn’t been fully entered into the docket. They have just dropped the lawsuit. So we’re just getting these documents. So I still need to figure out exactly what Cohen is claiming as far as when those legal bills should have been stopped. So in other words, whether or not Michael Cohen’s legal bills after he agreed to cooperate with the special counsel’s office after he pleaded guilty in the case brought by prosecutors here in New York, whether or not he believes those should be covered or not. That is something I still need to review.


Cohen is suing for the legal bills that Trump agreed to pay after he was raised through Cohen’s first testimony before Congress. Michael Cohen is pulling a page out of Trump’s playbook and suing the president’s business, which Trump still maintains control over for violating an agreement that they made to cover his bills. Michael Cohen isn’t just providing evidence against Trump. He is also making the world’s most famous deadbeat pay his bills.

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