Rep. Eric Swalwell Confronts Trump And Asks For Sworn Testimony To Mueller Or Congress

After Trump spent his “executive time” trying to trash Michael Cohen, Rep. Eric Swalwell confronted the president and asked for his testimony under oath to Mueller or Congress.

Rep. Swalwell (D-CA) tweeted to Trump:

Trump has no room to criticize Cohen

Rep. Swalwell was one hundred percent correct. Michael Cohen has done something multiple times that Trump’s lawyers are afraid to let him do. Cohen has testified under oath to Congress and has cooperated with Robert Mueller. Michael Cohen lied apparently under the direction of Donald Trump and his attorney if the documentation of edits to his testimony that Cohen submitted are accurate.

Trump is playing the only card that he has. The game on these investigations and scandals has been the same for Trump and his White House. Every witness and every accuser are lying. Every piece of evidence against Trump is fake. Donald Trump wants America to believe that everyone else is lying and he is the only one telling the truth.

A president that lies 22 times a day expects you to believe him instead of Cohen.
Until Donald Trump is willing to testify to Mueller or Congress, he is nothing more than a president who makes over 20 false statements a day.

Trump is afraid to testify, which automatically gives Michael Cohen more credibility than Donald Trump has ever had.

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