Another Trumpster Goes Down As Erik Prince Gets Busted For Lying To The House Intel Committee

During an interview with Al Jazeera English, Erik Prince got busted for lying to the House Intelligence Committee about a meeting he attended with the Trumps at Trump Tower in August 2016.

Prince told the House Intelligence Committee that he had no contact with the campaign during the 2016 campaign, but that wasn’t true.

He tried to deny that he ever told the House Intelligence Committee that he had no contact with the Trumps during the campaign, but it turns out that he was at a meeting on August 3, 2016, with Don Jr., Stephen Miller, and others.

Prince’s reaction when confronted with this meeting and his lie was to deny everything, including what is in the House Intelligence Committee transcript:

This incredible exchange reveals that the coordinated strategy of the White House, Trump allies, and Trump‘s inner circle was to bald-faced lie to Congress. It is as if these people never expected that Democrats would win control of the House and they would be held accountable for these false statements. Now, that Democrats are in charge, each one of these liars might face prosecution for lying to Congress.

If the Russia scandal is a “witch hoax” as the language challenge president labeled it today, why do all of these people continue to lie about the same thing? Why are they lying about meetings if these meetings are innocent? Why do all of their lies revolve in some way around contacts with Russians or other foreign governments?

Look for Chairman Adam Schiff and the House Intelligence Committee to line up these liars and take them down one by one.

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