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Former Federal Prosecutor Warns Trump That Mueller Is About To Drop A ‘Collusion Bomb’

Former prosecutor Glenn Kirschner warned Donald Trump on Saturday that Robert Mueller is about to drop a “collusion bomb” on the White House.

In an interview on MSNBC, Kirschner said his experience as a prosecutor combined with all the public reporting has convinced him that justice is coming for the president.

“Everybody has confused Mueller’s silence on the question of conspiracy and collusion with an absence of evidence of conspiracy,” the former prosecutor said. “The collusion bomb is coming.”


Kirschner said:

After spending 30 years as a prosecutor, the evidence that I have seen, even in the public reporting, tells me that there was a conspiracy between the campaign and Russia. We’ve seen it over and over again, then there were all sorts of acts undertaken that obstructed justice, that tried to prevent the evidence of that conspiracy coming to light. So everybody has confused Mueller’s silence on the question of conspiracy and collusion with an absence of evidence of conspiracy. … The collusion bomb is coming and you know what? Mueller is so strategic in what he’s doing, I don’t think he wanted to tip his hands on collusion. I don’t think he wanted to, for example, indict one of the president’s children for some of the crimes they committed because that may have resulted in Trump trying to shut things down.

A conspiracy indictment? ‘Bank on it.’

Glenn Kirschner’s bold prediction that Mueller still has a “collusion bomb” up his sleeve comes after he said on Twitter this week that he believes a “conspiracy indictment is coming.”

“Bank on it,” he said.

As many Americans wait for the Mueller report to be released – it could come as early as this week – they have grown impatient by its deliberateness and by the fact that the special counsel has kept its cards so close to the vest.

Trump supporters and critics alike have speculated that this means Mueller might not have much dirt related to collusion after all.

But as Kirschner said on Saturday, the silence coming from Mueller‘s office and the fact that the special counsel hasn’t, for example, indicted any of Trump‘s family members isn’t because they lack evidence.

Instead, a seasoned investigator like Mueller is likely holding his major bombshells until the end, when it would be too late for Trump to shut down the investigation, even if he wanted to.

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