Trump Is Flipping Because He Is About To Be Humiliated By The Senate

Trump went off on a new false rant about illegal immigrants because the Senate is about to pass a resolution blocking his national emergency.

Trump tweeted:

Trump is flipping because the Senate is about to embarrass him

Trump’s tweet was directed at Republicans in the Senate. The president believes that he is own best communications director. Trump is trying to mount public pressure on Senators in his own party to not pass a resolution blocking his national emergency. Donald Trump never addressed the real reason of presidential overreach which is why so many Republicans are worried about his emergency declaration.

The president is trying to hold off a humiliating defeat one tweet at a time, as he sits at a golf club where he employs illegal immigrants.

Donald Trump’s Business Runs On Illegal Immigration

Donald Trump sees attacking immigration as good politics. He tried to run the midterm election as a referendum on immigration and got crushed, so having learned nothing, he is going to run his presidential campaign as a referendum on immigration. No Trump opponent was prepared in 2016 with the attack that was needed to slow him down, but that will change in 2020, because of the mountain of information that is public knowledge on how much Trump’s business runs on illegal immigrant labor.

Trump had a pipeline from an entire Costa Rican village to his golf club in New Jersey. Trump regularly hires foreign workers to be housekeepers and cooks at Mar-a-Lago where he sent his latest wall tweet from.

If immigration is such a national emergency, why does Trump contribute to the “emergency?”

Trump is showing that a president who tries to govern by tweet is no president at all.

Donald Trump’s weakness is showing, and it is going to result in a rejection from his own party on the wall.

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