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SNL: ‘Manafort Stole $50 Million and Basically Got Sent to College.’

Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” hosts had some choice words concerning the “slap on the wrist sentence” given to President Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort.

They said that Manafort being sent to a “white man’s prison” is about the same thing as being sent away to college for four years.

“Weekend Update” co-host Colin Jost opened the segment by pointing out how Trump and his supporters were able to claim victory after receiving what should have been bad news:

“Well, here’s how bad Donald Trump’s presidency is going. His campaign manager was just sentenced to four years in prison. And for Trump that is good news.”

Then Jost added:

“Paul Manafort, who looks like he was born divorced, faced up to 24 years in prison, but got only four years, probably in a minimum security white collar prison with a bunch of his friends.”

“The guy stole over $50 million and basically got sent to college.”

Looking incredulous when talking about the GOP-appointed judge who said Manafort had lived a “blameless life,” Jost remarked:

“How can you say Manafort has led a blameless life when he is being sentenced next week for another crime?  And it’s for a crime he committed while on house arrest for another crime?”

Jost also commented on the reports that Donald Trump watched the Super Bowl at Mar-a-Lago with Li Yang, the woman who founded a string of massage parlors in South Florida that have been connected to human trafficking and prostitution.

She also owns the Day Spa where New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft allegedly was caught on video having sex with a prostitute.

“First of all, what a time to be alive, huh?”

“Second, you know that Trump spent all of his time with her trying to get her to get North Korea to give up all of their nuclear weapons.”

He also commented on the fact that Hillary Clinton announced this week that she is officially NOT running for president.

“Am I the only one who’s disappointed? First of all, I think she’d be a great president. Second of all, I want to see a rematch. Come on, Hillary is like Rocky in Rocky IV. Nobody thinks she can come out of retirement to beat the Russian hero who barely speaks English.”

“Hillary is ready to win this thing for America. She has nothing to lose. Except the presidency for a third time.”


CLICK HERE to watch SNL’s Weekend Update

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