Unhinged Trump Erupts in Sunday Morning Twitter Rage

President Donald Trump started off his Sunday morning with another assault on the media, which he thinks is treating him more unfairly than any other president in history. 

In a multi-tweet attack, the president called the press “ the most hostile and corrupt in the history of American politics,” and then listed off what he believes are his achievements.

The tweet seems to be evidence that Donald Trump is continuing to lose his grip on reality. He clearly is living in a fantasy world where everything he does is great and wonderful, and everybody who doesn’t also think he’s great is an enemy out to destroy him.

Trump tweeted:

“Despite the most hostile and corrupt media in the history of American politics, the Trump Administration has accomplished more in its first two years than any other Administration. Judges, biggest Tax & Regulation Cuts, V.A. Choice, Best Economy, Lowest Unemployment & much more!” he wrote, before adding, “More people are working today in the United States, 158,000,000, than at any time in our Country’s history. That is a Big Deal!”

Trump is acting like a narcissistic and delusional demagogue. And his state of mind seems to be getting worse.

This is not surprising when you consider all of the bad news he has had to face in just the past two weeks:

  1. His former personal lawyer testified against him before House committees run by Democrats,
  2. Despite his trade war (which he said would be easy to win) the government just announced record U.S. trade deficits, including a record trade deficit with China,
  3. He completely failed in his negotiations with North Korea, where he had promised he would accomplish denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula,
  4. He also completely failed in his negotiations for a Mexican border wall, after shutting down the government for a record length of time.

Trump has been on the longest losing streak of his presidency, while at the same time federal and state prosecutors seem to be close to finishing their investigations into his alleged crimes. And these probes may be leading to his imminent indictment and/or impeachment.

No wonder he is losing his mind.

In today’s tweets, he says things that are, frankly, bizarre. The most bizarre statement of all is this one:

“The Trump Administration has accomplished more in its first two years than any other Administration.”

If by “accomplished more” he means setting the record for the most indictments and the greatest amount of corruption, then Trump is correct.

But most people don’t agree with him. The vast majority of Americans think he is a criminal, and also think that he has not accomplished very much at all during his presidency.

The more unhinged Donald Trump’s tweets become, the more we know that he is becoming truly desperate as he tries to save his failed presidency.